Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on the application

What is Rotki?

Rotki is an opensource asset analytics, management and tax reporting application. It is focused on Crypto assets but will also slowly facilitate tracking of more traditional assets.

Why should I use it?

Unlike virtually every other service out there which offers you the ability to track crypto assets, get analytics and tax reports Rotki is a local application. And its basic version is also free.

A local application allows you to own your data. You don’t need to give your API keys, or any of your financial history to a centralized third party. We strongly advice against using any such centralized services. Your data is not safe with them.

What does it offer me?

Rotki offers tracking of all your crypto assets no matter where they are. Either on a blockchain or on one of the supported exchanges.

You can also manually input information on your Fiat assets (iow: how much EUR, USD e.t.c. you own) so that the analytics also take them into account. Manual input of action that you did and would like to be tracked is also possible by adding an “external trade”

It also allows you to get a tax report, essentially calculating all trades in a given period and determining your profit or loss depending on your given settings.

Will it remain free to use?

Rotki’s base version will always remain opensource and free to use. It’s in github and even if the current maintainer stops developing for whatever reason anyone can pick it up and continue.

Questions on Premium

What is Rotki Premium?

Rotki is an opensource and free application. In order to fund development we also have a paid tier which offers more features and for which many new awesome features will be developed.

If you like Rotki you can support us with a premium subscription and you not only get to fund opensource but also get extra analytics and other features in your daily usage of the app. To get a Rotki subscription register in our website.

What does Rotki Premium offer me?

At the moment of writting you can get:

  • Synchronization of your data between different devices thanks to using our servers. Remember we never see your data. It’s encrypted with a password of your choice.
  • Faster data queries thanks to using our server
  • Analytics, statistics and graphs on the application
  • Premium support and priority in feature requests at Github.

Why should I subscribe? What’s planned for the future in Premium?

From here and on Rotki premium will be getting a lot of features. In no particular order:

  • More statistic and analytics on the app
  • Special overlays in the app over existing data providing more information. For example when you have broken even with an asset, if you are on the red, if you are on the green e.t.c.
  • An android companion app which will both allow you to check your data from your phone but also to track your day to day expenses with Rotki.
  • A lot more …

Questions on Roadmap and Features

How can I see what’s planned for Rotki?

Please take a look at the Github issues here. For more specific planning check the next release github project and the milestones.

Why doesn’t Rotki support exchange X/Y/Z or have feature X/Y/Z?

Rotki is opensource software and we welcome Pull Requests. If you would really like something to be done about a feature request consider supporting us with a premium subscription and when you register give us your Github username. Your feature request will then be prioritized.

Miscellaneous Questions

Where does the name come from?

Rotki is an abbreviation for Rotkehlchen. That is the german word for the bird known in English as the European Robin. For pronounciation check here.