rotki Websockets API


When the rotki backend runs it exposes a websockets API that can be easily subscribed to. Through that API rotki backend pushes data to the subscribed clients (mainly the rotki frontend) in a continuous manner and as soon as they are available.


In order to subscribe to the websockets api open a socket to the host/port combination that you have set for websockets in the backend and send an empty message.

Messages Format

All messages sent by the backend via websockets are stringified json and they have the following format.

    "type": "legacy",
    "data": "{"some": 1, "data": 2}"

The "type" attribute determines what kind of message it is and what to expect in "data".


Legacy messages

The messages sent by rotki via the MessagesAggregator can be found in this type. The format is

    "type": "legacy",
    "data": "{"verbosity": "warning", "value": "A warning"}"
  • verbosity: The verbosity of the message. Can be one of "warning" or "error".

  • value: A string with the contents of the message.