Rotki Contribution Guide

Rotki is an opensource project so help is really appreciated.

Bug Reporting

Use the proper template to create bug report issues.

Make sure to check the issue tracker for similar issues before reporting. If this is a new issue then provide a detailed description of the problem, what happened and what you were expecting to happen instead.

Also provide a detailed description of your system and of the rotki version used as the issue template explains.

Feature Requests

Use the feature request template.

Describe exactly what it is that you would like to see added to rotki and why that would provide additional value.

Please note that feature requests are just that. Requests. There is no guarantee that they will be worked on in the near future.

Contributing as a Developer

Being an opensource project, we welcome contributions in the form of source code. To do that you will have to work on an issue and open a Pull Request for it.

In order for your Pull Request to be considered it will need to pass the automated CI tests and you will also need to sign the CLA (Contributor’s license agreement).

Committing Rules

For an exhaustive guide read this guide. It’s all really good advice. Some rules that you should always follow though are:

  1. Commits should be just to the point, not too long and not too short.
  2. Commit title not exceed 50 characters.
  3. Give a description of what the commit does in a short title. If more information is needed then add a blank line and afterward elaborate with as much information as needed.
  4. Commits should do one thing, if two commits both do the same thing, that’s a good sign they should be combined.
  5. Never merge master on the branch, always rebase on master. To delete/amend/edit/combine commits follow this tutorial.